Sunday 23 June 2019

USA National Park Quarters

I have just started my collection of USA National Park Quarters.  I am sharing my NPQ collection here. 

*** - Have but haven't uploaded image yet
### - Expecting - $$$

2010 National Park Quarters

Arkansas   Hot Springs National Park Quarter  Apr 19, 2010

Wyoming   Yellowstone National Park Quarter Jun   1, 2010
California*  Yosemite National Park Quarter      Jul  26, 2010
Arizona   Grand Canyon National Park Quarter Sep20, 2010
Oregon      Mount Hood National Forest Quarter Nov 15, 2010

2011 National Park Quarters

Pennsylvania Gettysburg Natl Military Park     Jan 24, 2011

       Montana         Glacier National Park Quarter    Apr   4, 2011

Washington* Olympic Natnal Park Quarter      Jun 13, 2011
Mississippi Vicksburg Natl Military Park       Aug 29, 2011

Oklahoma Chickasaw Natl Recreation         Nov 14, 2011

2012 National Park Quarters

Puerto Rico El Yunque Natl Forest Quarter Jan  23, 2012
New Mexico Chaco Culture Natl Hist. Park Apr    2, 2012

Maine Acadia National Park Quarter Jun   11, 2012

Hawaii *  Volcanoes Natl Park Quarter Aug  27, 2012
###Alaska Denali National Park Quarter Nov   5, 2012 Got "D", Looking for "P"

2013 National Park Quarters

New Hampshire White Mountain Natl Forest Jan  28, 2013
Ohio * Perry’s Victory & Int.
                           Peace Memorial Quarter Apr   1, 2013

Nevada Great Basin Natl Park  Jun 10, 2013

Maryland*            Fort McHenry Natl Monument
                           and Historic Shrine Quarter Aug 26, 2013

South Dakota Mount Rushmore National Memorial Quarter Nov   4, 2013

2014 National Park Quarters

Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park Jan 27, 2014
Got 'D' Looking for 'P'

$$$ Virginia Shenandoah Natl Park Quarter      Mar 31, 2014 Got "D", Looking for "P"

Utah Arches Natl Park Quarter  Jun   9, 2014

$$$ Colorado Great Sand Dunes Natl Park           Aug 25, 2014 Got "D", Looking for "P"

Florida Everglades Natl Park Quarter Nov 3, 2014

2015 National Park Quarters

Nebraska Homestead Natl Monument Quarter Feb 9, 2015

Louisiana  Kisatchie National Forest Quarter      Apr 13, 2015

N.Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter 
Jun   8, 2015


###Delaware Bombay Hook Natl Wildlife
                    Refuge Quarter Sep 14, 2015 Got "D", Looking for "P"

###New York Saratoga Natl Historical Park           Nov  16, 2015 Got "D", Looking for "P"

*Effective April 29, 2015, the Blue Ridge Parkway quarter release date has been changed from June 22, 2015 to June 8, 2015.

2016 National Park Quarters

Illinois  Shawnee  National Forest 
Feb   1, 2016
Got "D", looking for "P"

Kentucky Cumberland Gap Natl Historical Park Apr   4, 2016
Got "D" Looking for "P"

W.Virginia Harpers Ferry Natl Historical Park   Jun   6, 2016 
Got "D" Looking for "P"    

N.Dakota Theodore Roosevelt Natl Park            Aug 29, 2016
Got "D" Looking for "P"

S.Carolina Fort Moultrie | Fort Sumter National Monument Quarter Nov 14, 2016
Got "D" Looking for "P"

2017 National Park Quarters

Iowa - Effigy Mounds National Park Monument Quarter
February 6, 2017
Got "D" Looking for "P"

District of Columbia Frederick Douglass National Historic Site Quarter April 3, 2017
Got "D" Looking for "P"

Missouri Ozark National Scenic Riverways Quarter June 5, 2017

New Jersey Ellis Island National Monument Quarter          August 28, 2017
Got "D" Looking for "P"

Indiana George Rogers Clark Natl Historical Park Nov 13, 2017
Got "D" Looking for "P"

2018 National Park Quarters

Michigan Pictured Rocks Natl Lakeshore Quarter Feb 5, 2018

Wisconsin Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Quarter
April 9, 2018

Minnesota Voyageurs National Park Quarter
June 11, 2018

Georgia Cumberland Island National Seashore Quarter August 27, 2018

Rhode Island Block Island National Wildlife Refuge Quarter November 13, 2018, Got "P" Looking for "D"

2019 National Park Quarters

###Massachusetts Lowell National Historical Park Quarter January Got "D", Looking for "P"
Northern Mariana Islands American Memorial Park Quarter April

###Guam War in the Pacific National Historical Park Quarter June$$$ Got "D", Looking for "P"

$$$Texas San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Quarter August
Got "D", Looking for "P"

###Idaho Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Site Quarter November Got "D", Looking for "P"

2020 National Park Quarters

American Samoa National Park of American Samoa Quarter January  Got "P", Looking for "D"

Connecticut Weir Farm National Historic Site Quarter April

###U.S. Virgin Islands Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve Quarter June $$$  Got "D", Looking for "P"

$$$ Vermont Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park Quarter August
Kansas Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Site Quarter November .  Got "D", Looking for "P"

2021 National Park Quarters

Alabama Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Quarter January

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